Bill Marker will

Bill Marker campaigning with a neighbor

Fight Crime and Grime,
Better Our Schools,
Create Jobs,
Improve Our Environment, and
Help Our Residents:
    Seniors, Babies, and Everybody In Between,
to Happier and Healthier Lives

Bill Promises:

Great Constituent Services

If a 10th District resident or community makes a reasonable question or request, they deserve an acknowledgement and response.

Better City Government

Bill will work with management, unions, and directly with City workers to determine how to help the workers serve residents.  And he will support the City’s Inspector General.

Community Building

Bill will be a frequent presence at community meetings around District 10, will have an organization bringing together leaders from across the District, and will help community organizations strengthen their connection to their residents.

Bold Ideas

Bill’s One State, One Rate! proposal, which benefits the majority of all Marylanders, would resolve the problem of Baltimore’s high property tax rate without destroying the revenue stream necessary to provide City Services, and his Martin Luther King Boulevard redesign leadership through the MLK Corridor Committee can move us towards a more united Baltimore City.  A Resolution calling for National and State maps based on population, not acreage, would advance equity for urban populations.

Bill will collaborate with the Bold Ideas of other Bold Thinkers. For example, he supports the Fair Development Plan for Zero Waste. Recently, he joined with four other 10th District Candidates on a letter requesting that Baltimore City appeal a court decision destroying Baltimore’s Clean Air Act.

Bill Will Continue Helping His Neighbors Through Community and Political Activities, even though he did not win the City Council Election.

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