2018 Gubernatorial Survey

Bill Marker sent this Survey to most 2018 Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates.

Download a printable copy of the 2018 Gubernatorial Survey

1) One State, One Rate! Property Tax:

Maryland’s property tax system subsidizes rich counties over poorer jurisdictions, harming over 60% of Marylanders, as documented in the enclosed Proposal. State Senator Bill Ferguson has stated:“As Maryland continues to struggle with a tax framework that poorly matches today’s economy, we need to consider new ways of handling our taxable base in the State. The State Constitution requires a uniform tax of property across Maryland,yet each jurisdiction in Maryland employs a different rate. Rethinking our property wealth in Maryland with frameworks like One State One Rate is the right approach to reforming our tax system to be more equitable, efficient, and effective.”The One State, One Rate! Proposal should be adopted.

2) Education:

Schools test for reading and mathematics. Many advocates push for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), or add Arts (STEAM).Government/Civics and History education is as important as these other subjects.

3) Representation for Southern Baltimore:

Each Baltimore City Legislative District has one senator, three delegates, and seven members of the Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee, a total of 11 positions. The residents of Baltimore City Council District 10, split among 3 different Legislative Districts, total39% of an average Legislative District. This should indicate we could boast at least four senators, delegates or members. Yet as of September 2017 no senator, delegate, or central committee member lived in the 10thCouncil District.With the possible exclusion of Precinct 20-09:The post-2020 census General Assembly redistricting should put all of Baltimore City Council District 10 in one Legislative District.

4) Supporting State Employees:

From my experience as a Charter Specialist with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation, the Hogan Administration deals very negatively with its employees. The Director of the agency yelled at his employees, repeatedly was asked to apologize yet refused, and was rewarded by promotion to the Governor’s staff. Employees were denied their chosen representation to the National AFT Convention in violation of the Memorandum of Understanding, as eventually determined by the Department of Budget and Management. An illegal sick leave policy was foisted on employees until their unions intervened. Management has not been required to learn what the employees do, and vacancies have been left unfilled.State Employee Managers should be supportive of front line employees. In particular, a substantial part of the Lt. Governor’s time should be spent meeting with and listening to front line employees at their worksite.

5) Grassroots Campaign:

The 2014 Brown campaign was terrible. For example, I requested 1500 pieces of literature to distribute to doors in Pigtown but did not get them. Eventually I went to the Baltimore City office and liberated 300 pieces, which I did distribute.Our General Election campaign should be very different than the 2014 campaign. In particular, it should call for and support grassroot efforts.

6) Lt. Governor Selection:

Maryland should reconsider the Lt. Governor selection process, so that someone who fails to win the Gubernatorial nomination could be nominated for Lt. Governor.