About Bill Marker

A Southwest Baltimore Resident
for 40+ years

Bill Marker in Baltimore District 10

Bill Marker has lived in Pigtown/Barre Circle since 1997, for seventeen years before that in Ridgely’s Delight.  Including his Maryland law school years living in the dorm and Union Square, he has lived over 40 years in or within a few blocks of District 10.

Long Time Community and Political Activist

In the Community

Bill Marker was President of Citizens of Pigtown, when he helped save the Washington Village Branch Library, and currently represents Barre Circle on the Board of the Southwest Partnership, Inc.  He initiated and coordinated the 10th District Leadership Group, an informal gathering of community leaders from around the District to share their knowledge and experience and explore solutions to problems.

He is the founder and chair of both the Boulevards Committee and the MLK Corridor Committee (previously the AdHoc MLK Boulevard Redesign Committee), which are working to improve both the commercial property at Martin Luther King and Washington Boulevards and to make MLK Boulevard itself less of a barrier separating Southwest Baltimore from Downtown.  Bill served on the Board of Friends of the Enoch Pratt Free Library and on the Economic and Community Development Subcommittee of the Baltimore Casino Local Development Committee as well as Nominations Chair for the Southern District Police Community Relations Council.

In Politics

Democrat donkey logo

Bill is a Proud Democrat. He believes the Democratic Party has delivered and will deliver much positive change to America, and is the best vehicle to fight the abominations of the Republican Party, including the Donald Trump Administration.

Bill formed the Diversity Team with Doc Cheatham in 2014 when they both ran for the House of Delegates.    He served on the Democratic Central Committee where, unlike many of his colleagues on the Central Committee, he actually attended most City and State Central Committee Meetings.

Lawyer and Union Officer

Now retired, as a lawyer Bill worked with hundreds of parents and children in Child In Need of Assistance cases, and for over 20 years he helped thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations as a Charter Specialist with Maryland’s State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT).  While at SDAT he served his colleagues as a union officer with the Maryland Professional Employees Council, an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers. After law school, Bill was a Volunteer In Service To America (VISTA) for the National Center for Law and the Deaf.


Bill is the author of One State, One Rate!, a revenue-neutral proposal to end Maryland’s subsidy of rich jurisdictions by poor jurisdictions through the property tax system. 

The Proposal is the basis for the first question in a Gubernatorial Survey he sent to most 2018 Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates. 

Bill also sent a Baltimore Mayoral Questionnaire to party-affiliated candidates in 2016. 

Journalist Fraser Smith wrote about the Questionnaire on March 4, 2016; he discussed it on-air March 3, calling Bill “Something of a Super Citizen” (Listen).     


Bil and Nan on tandem bike

Bill bicycles for transportation and recreation. He regularly commuted to work by bike. Bill and his wife Nan Tuckett have bicycled from Washington, D.C. to Pittsburgh, and both have pedaled 100 miles in a single day. He served as Secretary of the Washington Area Bicyclists Association.


Wife Nan with flowers

Bill surprises Nan with flowers the 19th of every month. That’s the date of their anniversary!