Pigtown Plaza Proposal

The Washington Boulevard/MLK lot currently housing a Dollar General and other businesses should be redeveloped into a multi-story gateway to Pigtown, perhaps called Pigtown Plaza (or Pigtown Delight to connect to Ridgely’s Delight). First floor will include a Dollar General and a Whole Foods/Harris Teeter type grocery store. Second and third floor parking will include ramps directly accessing MLK Boulevard. Fourth and fifth floor market rate fairly high-end apartments/condos, so Pigtown seniors with choice can stay in the neighborhood when they no longer can/care to climb Rowhouse steps. Top floor nice restaurant, part of which will be available to community for events. Some outdoor space on top floor, and a green roof. Other existing businesses, Tony’s, Zips and the 7-11 if it gets established, might be accommodated in the development, or perhaps elsewhere on or near Washington Boulevard. Perhaps the project will be done in partnership with the existing landowner.

This would be a signature architectural opportunity, possibly with a competition for architectural ideas. Local buildings such as the Bathhouse, B&O Railroad Museum and Camden Yards might provide inspiration. The blue light, once a blue bottle, atop the Bromo Seltzer Tower could suggest a pig atop the Plaza, lighted in pink except when orange, purple, or red, white and blue would be appropriate. Ideally further redevelopment could occur across Washington Boulevard on the site occupied by the single-story Bon Secours facility; name might include Shapes, to recognize Barre Circle, Camden Crossing, and Roundhouse Square.

Note that this project would serve our Economic and Workforce Development goals. It would also have Transportation and Parks ramifications.